The Truth About Registry Cleaners


By, Bryan Gains
Geek Tech Editor

Bryan Gaines


Registry Cleaners - These programs claim to bring your PC to a brand new “Out of The Box” state. They say these are the solutions to long load times, Error messages, slow start up, computer crashes, DLL errors, slow internet and just about any other issue a computer can have.


But are they?


With such bold claims we decided to get to the bottom of what these programs really do. Now, as these programs claim to be cure-alls for any type of PC problem, our opinion about them was as you may have guessed - very skeptical.


Here's how we tested.


To find out what these programs really do, we decided to find out what type of results real users have been getting from these programs. Here's what we found:


After reading through hundreds of user reviews we found the majority of uses were quite disappointed. These programs claim to do amazing things for your computer and sadly the majority are not very good at all.


As it turns out the majority of these programs are nothing more that outdated software that has a very limited capability as registry cleaner and are also very limited in fixing any other types of issues. From what we read from users and other tech experts we found the majority of these programs are nothing more than overhyped junk software that only appears to be doing something - usually in the form of a fake scan on your computer.


But all was not lost. Out of everything we looked at we did find a few programs that really did make a difference in computer performance.


There are a few programs out there that really do clean your registry and make your computer faster. The best of these programs come with other software that improves start up times by letting you manage what programs start when you start your computer.


And as for the results on computer performance. There are tons of users who report these programs really do fix many common computer issues. Many users report far fewer error messages and less computer crashes from using these programs. Others report much faster start up times, and many also report faster computer performance and load times.


So Do These Programs Work?


Yes. If you get a good registry cleaner, it really can do wonders to your computer's performance. The user reports do not lie. However, you have to use the right program to get results and there are a lot of bad ones out there.


Below is the highest rating Registry Cleaners we have found. These programs had tons of amazing reviews from their users all claiming wonderful things about it. If you are looking for a registry cleaner that REALLY will restore your PC, these are the the programs to use.

Top Choice
2nd Choice
geek tech tool box
Geek Tech
Tool Box
Registry Utilities
Cyber Defender
Free Registry Scan
More Information
Most Important Benefits
Stopped Crahses
Fixed Errors
Fixed DLL Errors
Removed Junk Files
Removed Malware
Privacy Protection
Stand-Out Qualities
Ease Of Use
User Interface
Technical Support
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Geek Tech
Tool Box
Registry Utilities
Cyber Defender
Registry Repair
Free Registry Scan

Top Choice: Geek Tech Tool Box


Out of everything we looked at this is the one that got the highest ratings from its users. Users of this program say it fixed there computer from crashing, allowed them to open and use programs that they couldn't before and also improved performance, load times and start up times.


What's our take? Geek Tech Tool Box is one of the few programs that has it all. This program not only has one of the most thorough registry cleaners on the market, it also comes with a startup manager for faster start up times. In our test, this program really did make a difference.


Our take is, if you are looking for a program that really will help your PC with issues like crashing, error messages, slow performance and slow start up, this is the program to use.


Geek Tech Tool Box can be downloaded right here


Read Full Review Here


Run the scan and it will tell you whether or not this program will help your system.



#2 second choice: Registry Utilities


Registry Utilities has a good reputation with a lot of possitive claims and reviews. Looks like a winner. The positive reviews include the fact that it has great features and tools such as back up capabilities. There are said to be a lack of detail when it comes to the scan process, though.


We suggest you look into this product to get a better idea of what to expect from them


Read Full Review Here --->




#3 second choice: RegCure


There are claims that this product will help keep your machine running at its best. Customers say that it is quite easy to use and has good functionality. We found a review that cleary stats this is not the most advanced, best or most featured-filled application.


However, we have heard good things about this product and think it is worth a look for consideration.


Read Full Review Here --->


#4 fourth choice: Cyber Defender Registry Cleaner


This is said to be a very basic feature set with tools that will help you clean your registry. It is also easy to use but, from what others say, lacks the 'power' to be considered an 'elite' product. It proved similar functions to the highly praised products but apparently lacks quality.


You can find out for yourself by reading the full review..


Read Full Review Here --->



#5 fifth choice: Registry Repair


Claims have been made that this product offers a large feature set and provides you with all of the tools needed to find errors damaging your registry. There are testimonials that speak possitively of this product.


We found there are negatives about this product but mostly positives. You can check the pros and cons for yourself before you make a decision.


Read Full Review Here --->


PS. Since we have created this software for you the customer I would love to hear any of your comments about Geek Tech Tool Box or any of the other registry cleaners we list. You can send an email directly to me: and I will personally respond to you.


If you are still unsure what problems your computer may have, you can download the free system scan here



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